My Remembrance Day Connections to UofT

I’m pretty sure the title of this post strikes most of you as odd, even for those of you that know I have a pretty long standing connection to UofT.  UofT is where… Continue reading

Before their innocence was taken….

Recently my mom and her cousin Eleanor got together to catch up.  Of great surprise, Eleanor brought with her a bunch of old photos, and amongst these were some of my Gpa Mike… Continue reading

Humanitarian Aid to the Dutch-Operation Faust

Right before the start of Operation Husky and the Italian Campaign my grandpa transferred from the Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) to the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC).  The RCASC was the administrative… Continue reading

RCASC: from Italy to the Netherlands

I have done a lot of reading about the Canadians and their role in the Italian Campaign during WWII. I wanted to switch gears and post a little information regarding the Northwest Europe… Continue reading

Insight into 1940-41

My Great Uncle Jimmy and I write back and forth several times each year.  He is the only person that send me a hand written letter any more and I cannot tell you… Continue reading

Hitler-Stalin For years, this hand made piece sat hidden away in a box.  After my Gpa Mike passed away, my grandma Betty showed it to me. She thought I would find it offensive… Continue reading

Herbie by Bing Coughlin – To a kid, the funniest cartoons!

When I was a kid, there was an old, hardcover book with a blue cover that was my favourite book.  It was called HERBIE! and I thought it was a cartoon book.  Little… Continue reading

Navy, U-boats and Torpedoes

I mentioned in an earlier note one of the fringe benefits of getting my Gpa Mike’s military file is that it helped encourage my Great Uncle, Earl Allen, who we call Uncle Jimmy,… Continue reading

Off to War, March 1942