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My Great Uncle William – Part 2: Zombie was he…

In reviewing my Great Uncle Bill’s Second World War military personnel file, I’m struck by the number of leaves he took and how many times he was transferred and posted to different places.  … Continue reading

My Uncle the “zombie”, Part 1.5

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a piece on my Great Uncle William – I was trying to understand the Canadian WW2 term “zombie” and to understand if he met the definition and… Continue reading

My Great Uncle William – Part One: Zombie or not?

After more than eleven years of trying to get my hands on my Great Uncle William’s (Bill) WWII personnel file, I find it in my hands, having arrived several weeks ago via my only surviving Great… Continue reading

WW2, Zombies and my Great Uncle William

I have very little information on my Great Uncle, William (Bill) Edmund Brown, who served in the Royal Canadian Army.  I have tried several times over the last eight years to obtain his… Continue reading

Humanitarian Aid to the Dutch-Operation Faust

Right before the start of Operation Husky and the Italian Campaign my grandpa transferred from the Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA) to the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC).  The RCASC was the administrative… Continue reading

RCASC: from Italy to the Netherlands

I have done a lot of reading about the Canadians and their role in the Italian Campaign during WWII. I wanted to switch gears and post a little information regarding the Northwest Europe… Continue reading

Insight into 1940-41

My Great Uncle Jimmy and I write back and forth several times each year.  He is the only person that send me a hand written letter any more and I cannot tell you… Continue reading

Off to War, March 1942


February 1943

For Christmas 1942, my Gpa Mike received a small journal as a gift from his Aunt Jennie. Aunt Jennie was married to his paternal uncle, John Brown. Unlike my great grandfather James, John… Continue reading