From a very young age I knew that my maternal grandfather fought during WWII.  My brothers and I were also told that it was not to be discussed and under no circumstances were we to ask questions about the war.  My curiosity about this part of my grandpa’s life led me to  thrown myself into history which would become my major while pursuing a BA at the University of Guelph.  Fortunate to have many professors well versed in modern (1900-1960) military, political and social history I learned as much as I could about the two World Wars and the time between them.  In 2001 after decades of silence my grandfather, or Gpa Mike as I affectionately call him, started talking about his time in WWII. The purpose of this blog it is record the information that I have learned over the last few years.  It also records information related to my Great Uncles Bill, Jack and Earl, all whom served in and survived, the Second World War.