More WW2 keepsakes!

These past two months have been pretty emotional for the family; the time finally came for my grandma Betty to sell the family home.  It was built in the early 1960s by my Grandpa Mike and was as symbol of such family pride, representing and holding so many awesome memories. Planting the garden and then enjoying countless meals from the veggies it provided, horseshoes, fires in the barrels, playing the the old Exhibition gold coins, watching Grandma put clothes through the ringer before she had a dryer, making forts under the stairs, lazy days under Gpa’s tree, drinking freshly pumped water, hand washing dishes, crazy-competitive game of 31 for dimes, Pebbles, ground hog hunting, snowmobiling, building go-karts, basketball….

After Gpa Mike passed away, grandma Betty decided to stay in the house. Alone! She doesn’t drive and the house is right on Hwy 48 so it isn’t like you can walk anywhere.  Added to all this, grandma is practically blind. We thought she was crazy and at first, we didn’t want to fight her decision but we also though she wouldn’t last long there alone. What we failed to understand was how grandma was still young at heart, up for the chance to be totally independent in the home she loved, build by her beloved and in which she knew the exact placement of everything. We worried about her all the time because we couldn’t really grasp how she was practically at one with the house!  I am certain we could could blindfold her and she would make it to the fridge, bathroom, her reading chair, the extra bedrooms without one bump or mis-step.  When it was all said and done, Grandma lived alone in the house for 11 years and eight months! From when the house was listed to when it sold was a matter of days and the sale came with a short closing period.

So began the mad dash to go through nearly 60 years of stuff…. we have learned that deep down, Grandma is a master of the game Tetris – how the hell she got so much stuff into a relatively small house, we will never really know.

But as the packing and sorting became, some priceless things emerged!

I don’t have them in my possession yet, but when I do, more writing will follow!