Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Grandpa’s Letter Home in 1945, Part II

After thinking it over for a few days, I have decided to share most of the contents of my grandfather’s letter home, dated January 3, 1945.  As mentioned in the earlier post on… Continue reading

WW2, Zombies and my Great Uncle William

I have very little information on my Great Uncle, William (Bill) Edmund Brown, who served in the Royal Canadian Army.  I have tried several times over the last eight years to obtain his… Continue reading

Remembering the home front during WW2

Although she was only a ten-year old child when the Second World War began with the invasion of Poland, I often think about my grandma Betty’s childhood and wonder what it must have… Continue reading

The day we learned Gpa Mike spoke Dutch

For people that have a great uncle or a grandparent that served during one of the Great Wars, or for those that have friends or family serving now, we don’t need just one… Continue reading

Here’s $900 for your 1618 days of service in WW2

Building on yesterday’s post about WW2 compensation, I am going to provide some details about my Gpa Mike’s statement of war service gratuity.  Grandpa originally enlisted in the Royal Canadian Artillery (RCA), did… Continue reading

How much does 711 days of service earn an Able Seaman during WW2?

While reviewing my Gpa Mike’s and my great uncle Jimmy’s WW2 personnel records, the document I find most shocking is the “Department of National Defence Statement of War Service Gratuity” form.  Jimmy gave… Continue reading

My Grandpa’s Letter Home: 3 January 1945

One of the greatest surprises of the year was to learn from my Great Uncle Jimmy that a letter my Gpa Mike had sent to their aunt, had come into his possession.  He… Continue reading

My Remembrance Day Connections to UofT

I’m pretty sure the title of this post strikes most of you as odd, even for those of you that know I have a pretty long standing connection to UofT.  UofT is where… Continue reading

Before their innocence was taken….

Recently my mom and her cousin Eleanor got together to catch up.  Of great surprise, Eleanor brought with her a bunch of old photos, and amongst these were some of my Gpa Mike… Continue reading