For years, this hand made piece sat hidden away in a box.  After my Gpa Mike passed away, my grandma Betty showed it to me. She thought I would find it offensive and gross.  Instead, I loved it…. so she gave it to me.

It leaves nothing to the imagination and it’s something you won’t see in a history book! This item is made of plastic and a pen spring. Hitler assumes the position with Stalin behind him. Gpa Mike traded a pack of cigarettes with a French solider to get this choice piece of propaganda! The subject matter may be a little dirty, but when put into context, this really is a collector item.  I can only imagine that it would provide a much needed distration from the reality of every day life during the War.  Plus, it MUST have provided much needed comic relief.

We know for sure that Gpa bought this item using cigarettes while he was in France.  His military personnel file shows that he had a five-day leave in Paris, France in August 1942 so it is very likley that this is when he purchased the item.  If this is the case, I wonder how he managed to keep it all that time – afterall, he would be fighting for another almost 3.5 years. Did he mail it home? Did he carry it with him? We will likely never know.  Either way, this piece is among the most unique items I own and hands down, among my most prized possessions.