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Insight into 1940-41

My Great Uncle Jimmy and I write back and forth several times each year.  He is the only person that send me a hand written letter any more and I cannot tell you… Continue reading

Hitler-Stalin For years, this hand made piece sat hidden away in a box.  After my Gpa Mike passed away, my grandma Betty showed it to me. She thought I would find it offensive… Continue reading

Herbie by Bing Coughlin – To a kid, the funniest cartoons!

When I was a kid, there was an old, hardcover book with a blue cover that was my favourite book.  It was called HERBIE! and I thought it was a cartoon book.  Little… Continue reading

Navy, U-boats and Torpedoes

I mentioned in an earlier note one of the fringe benefits of getting my Gpa Mike’s military file is that it helped encourage my Great Uncle, Earl Allen, who we call Uncle Jimmy,… Continue reading

Off to War, March 1942


February 1943

For Christmas 1942, my Gpa Mike received a small journal as a gift from his Aunt Jennie. Aunt Jennie was married to his paternal uncle, John Brown. Unlike my great grandfather James, John… Continue reading

William Edmund Brown

  The oldest of the four Brown boys, Uncle Bill (William Edmund) was conscripted and joined the Royal Canadian Army.  The fact that he didn’t volunteer was always a bone of contention with… Continue reading

What’s in a Canadian WWII Military Personnel File?

This post is geared towards those wondering what sort of records are included in the WWII military personnel files.  At first glance, the most exciting papers may seem like the attestation (enlistment) page… Continue reading

Family Genealogy and Military Files

Usually, I don’t have any problem deciding where to start my Remembrance Day posts.  And this year, I found myself wondering why more people don’t have similar posts – I mean presumably, there… Continue reading